Once upon a time, on the slopes of Majevica Mountain, on the very edge of the ancient Pannonian Sea, an old man with his dowsing rod found a rich source of clear water of great taste. Shortly after, the whole area got the name Rašljani (rašlje – dowsing rod), after his divining tool. It is at this very place known as the Spring of Rasljani, that Maja – the natural spring water – has found its home.

Maja is located in the Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Filling station is located near the spring, and its pipeline’s length is 50 meters. Untouched by the pollution of modern civilization, this bottling plant is a modern facility fitted with high-end equipment which meets all the world’s standards.

Geological studies show excellent impermeable soil structure, protecting underground water from surface contamination. Natural protection of underground water and the lack of industrial facilities in the vicinity are the main advantages of sanitary protection around the spring.